For those who are willing to have direct contact with children.

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Service Volunteer Opportunities

This includes behind-the-scenes support that is essential for smooth operations which bring blessings to the children. Volunteer as an individual or bring a group.

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More than 500 people volunteer each year and make the difference in the lives of precious children. Please pray God will lead you to make a difference and become our partner.




  1. A mature Christian who can express and demonstrate the love of God, The Father. Can you love these children because He first loved you and show them how to love The Father?
  2. A mature Christian who loves and lives by God and The Father’s Word. Can you help these children know that the Bible is The Father’s Word and help them learn to love God’s Word and that they should live by it? 
  3. A mature Christian who can correct wrong behavior and attitudes in love; and can demonstrate and teach Godly behavior. Can you help these children according to God’s Word know that we sin against God, must repent and ask for forgiveness and then commit by the Spirit of God to follow God’s way of living?



  1. Everything that is done must honor God.
  2. There shall be no alcoholic beverages on camp property. 
  3. There shall be no illegal drugs on camp property. 
  4. There shall be no smoking on camp property.
  5. There shall be no pets inside the camp facilities. 
  6. There shall be no cursing or vulgar language on camp property.
  7. All music must be Christian music on camp property. 
  8. All dresses, shorts and swim suits shall be modest.
    Modest dress is defined but not limited to the following guidelines:
    *Shorts should be appropriate and should come close to the knee (men & women).
    *Shirts should not be low cut and you should not have to put your hand up to your chest every time you bend over.
    *No tank tops or sleeveless tops (men and women).
    *Ladies, swimsuits should be one piece. If you do not have a one piece suit, then a t-shirt must be worn. 



Over 700 children attended the Christmas parties.  Thanks to the many volunteers that made it possible. What a blessing.

 "And whatsoever ye do, do it heartily,  as unto the Lord and not unto men." Colossians 3:23    


     Since we have children on the camp property throughout the year, each volunteer has to be screened and the first part of that process is sending in a completed Volunteer Application. Please note that submitting an application does not guarantee acceptance as a volunteer. It is mandatory that we review each person and do a background check to ensure the safety of our precious children. Thank you in advance for understanding and following this procedure.