Service Volunteers


Construction Volunteers

Each project is at the direction and design of God. We then start the project and give a deadline for the completion. God has always been faithful to see each project completed. Each project will need skilled craftsmen and unskilled workers as helpers. Projects will range from building homes, playgrounds, tree houses, barns, bathhouses, creating trails, etc.

I'm Willing to help!



As God has developed the camp, with the addition of new construction, our maintenance needs for the entire camp also continues to increase. In our continual efforts to be good stewards of what God has provided, we have many needs which provide opportunities for volunteers to serve. Can you swing a hammer, repair plumbing, replace lights, do minor electrical, repair a fence, paint, etc.? If not, can you hand tools to those who can? We need your help!

God can use me!



Caring for 450+ acres requires time, equipment, and willing people. We need help with weed-eating, mowing, bush hogging pastures, and weed control. There are vinyl fences that need to be cleaned, trails to be cleared and cleaned, also fences need to be repaired and cleared of briars and trees. Fallen leaves need to be removed before March each year.

Just tell me what to do!



If you have a 'green thumb', then we need you. If you have the ability to create landscapes, please provide us with your expertise and skill. If you don't, then come and offer your help to those who do. In the service of God, even pulling weeds or cleaning and raking walkways is of great reward.   

I can do that!



We are always in need of people to help clean our facilities before/after each event. Facilities need to be mopped, swept, wiped down, vacuumed, etc. and... we seem to always have laundry needs. A lot of our children do not have their own sleeping bags, bedding, jackets, swimsuits, etc. When we provide these for them, we then have to launder them. Can you help with this?    

I Can Help!



Please continue to pray for the ministries of Lighthouse Christian Camp. For the children and widows who come, for the staff and volunteers who serve and for those who give. Pray for God’s direction for how He wants you to get involved.

I Will be Praying!


Since we have children on the camp property throughout the year, each volunteer has to be screened and the first part of that process is sending in a completed Volunteer Application. Please note that submitting an application does not guarantee acceptance as a volunteer. It is mandatory that we review each person and do a background check to ensure the safety of our precious children. Thank you in advance for understanding and following this procedure.