activity volunteers


Activity Volunteers Needed

  • We need Godly men and women (of all ages!) to come and serve with us to disciple and love these precious children. 
  • Weekend retreats, after school clubs, and summer camps all require many counselors. 
  • No special skills are required, but to love them! 
  • We need people that are willing to transport children to camp activities and to coordinate with children and their guardians about camp activities.
  • Join in on this Miracle Work of God by partnering with us.

I love children & I can help!


Summer Camp

  • Summer Camp Volunteer Counselors are needed for Monday through Friday in June and July.  Join us and volunteer for one week or EVERY week.
  • Volunteer Coordinators are needed in each county to communicate with campers and organize camper registrations for each of the 7 weeks of summer camp. 
  • Transportation Volunteers are needed in each county to transport children on Monday to camp and to deliver them home each Friday when camp is over. 

Yes, im willing for God to use Me



  • Christmas Party Volunteers  are needed in December for the Girl's Christmas Party and for the Boy's Christmas Party. There are MANY areas to serve at the annual Christmas parties.  
  • Volunteer Coordinators  are needed in December for the Girl's Christmas Party and for the Boy's Christmas Party. This coordinator will communicate and organize all details related to the camper registration process. 
  • Transportation Volunteers  are needed in December for the Girl's Christmas Party and for the Boy's Christmas Party. The parties are scheduled for the 1st and 2nd Saturdays in December.  

Count me in!!!!



  • Weekend Retreat Volunteer Counselors are needed once a month. Join us one weekend or EVERY weekend. 
  • Volunteer Coordinators are needed in each county to communicate with campers and organize camper registrations for each weekend retreat. 
  • Transportation Volunteers are needed in each county to transport children to and from weekend retreats.     

Let me help!



  • After School Club Volunteer Counselors for every Tuesday when school is in session. (We follow the school calendar)

I'm available on Tuesday!


C.A.T.C.H - Fishing Event

  • Volunteers are needed each September to bring fishing boats or pair up with a fisherman to take children fishing for a special day of fun!

I have a boat!


Since we have children on the camp property throughout the year, each volunteer has to be screened and the first part of that process is  sending in a completed Volunteer Application. Please note that submitting an application does not guarantee acceptance as a volunteer.  It is mandatory that we review each person and do a background check to ensure the safety of our precious children. Thank you in advance for understanding and following this procedure.