After School Club


Yes, we do homework...and so much more!

Goal is to motivate children in self-improvement for a better quality of life. To encourage and inspire them to improve their grades in school and their maintain good conduct.

To provide a pleasant, exciting, fun atmosphere and experience where they are taught good manners, social skills, kindness and thoughtfulness demonstrated through interactions with the children.

Available on Tuesdays?


Volunteers Needed!

After School Club Volunteer Counselors are needed for every Tuesday when school is in session. (We follow the school calendar) 

There are many ways to help:

  • help with homework
  • serve the snacks
  • assist with crafts 
  • help with activities
  • lead children to find scriptures


Since we have children on the camp property throughout the year, each volunteer has to be screened and the first part of that process is sending in a completed Volunteer Application. Please note that submitting an application does not guarantee acceptance as a volunteer. It is mandatory that we review each person and do a background check to ensure the safety of our precious children. Thank you in advance for understanding and following this procedure.

volunteer application