we Minister to children, share there is hope, life, love, light and truth in the Lord Jesus Christ

Mission Statement

Lighthouse Christian Camp, Inc., is dedicated to helping needy, disadvantaged children suffering from sexual, physical, mental, emotional abuse and neglect. The purpose of the camp is to provide an enjoyable, exciting, enriching, quality outdoor experience, where they learn of God the Creator and are afforded an opportunity to come to a saving knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ. The staff and volunteer counselors purpose is to provide love, encouragement and counsel to needy children suffering from learning disabilities, emotional and behavioral problems, and low self-esteem and self-images, resulting from abuse, neglect and rejection. Hundreds of needy children are given the opportunity to attend camp, absolutely free of charge, through summer camp programs, fall, winter and spring retreats. An ongoing follow-up program is administered where love, encouragement, counsel and help is given on a continued basis to needy children. Follow-up programs are continued to adulthood to assist young people in maturing to a rewarding and productive place in society.