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ATTENTION: High School & College Students

Spend your summer getting paid to help needy children have the greatest week of their lives riding horses, swimming, boating and learning that Jesus Christ loves them and has a purpose and plan for their young lives. 

Be mightily blessed as these children see Christ in you and turn their hearts to the Lord. Make an eternity of difference in these precious children's lives as you lead and disciple children as a counselor in a cabin of 8 to 10 with another counselor.


Girls weeks are in June and boys weeks are in July.

Come serve as a missionary for 7 weeks in the summer and be abundantly blessed. 


Complete the application and mail  to camp or email to
Our Camp Director will contact you for your interview. 

Staff application

you can make an eternity of difference in a childs life

Ms. Bernice was a camper at Lighthouse Christian Camp. Please watch the video as she shares how Counselors affected her life and what it means to be a Summer Staff Counselor.

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About Lighthouse


     Lighthouse Christian Camp is a supernatural work of God, a miracle ministry born out of the heart of God for the fatherless, the helpless, the orphan, the poor and needy, and the widow. 

     In 1982, God called Bro. Ben and Mrs. Ermeda Chapman to begin a camp on Center Hill Lake in Smithville, Tennessee. 

     “Day by day as I prayed and listened to God. He gave me directions, step by step, in what He wanted done. Then one day He put this question in my mind. “What about those children that nobody cares about, the poor and needy, the forgotten, the helpless and fatherless children? The children that would never otherwise have the opportunity to do all the fun things at camp and come to know and love the Lord Jesus Christ,” 

     “So we obeyed and they came and now thousands of needy children have come to camp, free of charge, and found hope, purpose and direction for their lives in a personal relationship with the Lord over the past 37 years.” 

Standards of Conduct


Formal “How to Be a Good Camp Counselor” staff training will take place before the start of camp. During training, we will review the following standards of conduct and expectations as well as subjects such as camp rules, first aid, medication management, camper awards and more.

This is a conservative camp. This is especially true pertaining to our standard of living for Jesus Christ. The inspired Word of God never changes, will guide us and keep us on a path towards righteousness, “and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness, that the man of God may be complete, thoroughly equipped for every good work.” (2 Tim. 3:16-17)



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